5 creature comforts: from miracle consciousness to Succession

It’s winter, freezing cold and already dark hours before bedtime, which keeps tricking me into thinking it’s later than it is. “Another episode?” says my fella the instant the credits start to roll. “It’s late?” I reply, only to discover it’s not, and so begins a second helping of Succession.

We all need our creature comforts, and this winter I feel like we need them even more. It’s been a turbulent few years. Sometimes I think I’ve got used to it, other times my energy feels weary, and so I find myself seeking out more moments of comfort. Little things that help me feel more cheerful, relaxed and balanced.

Here’s my top five…

#1 Feet

I really like this 10min foot massage ritual I found on YouTube, so much so I make it last an hour. First I make sure I’m comfortable, which usually involves PJ’s, and then I gather all my lovely essential oils, lotions and potions. Next I dim the lights and add a candle or three. It really is about creating the right ambience my friends.

I also breathe deeply as I rub my feet, enjoying the lavender aromas and noticing which acupressure points work the best to drop me into a state of rest and digest. I was pleasantly surprised how effective self reflexology is in terms of activating my parasympathetic nervous system. I quickly feel calmer and more grounded.

#2 Whippets and yorkies

A few weeks back a friend kindly hosted my partner and I for a relaxing weekend away at his home in the countryside. As sod’s law would have it, I wasn’t feeling my finest, so I took a moment to curl up on the sofa and just rest for a moment. Seconds later my friend’s gorgeous whippet hopped up on to the sofa with me and nestled on in. It was like she wanted to give me a hug and it was utterly heart-warming.

Then the other day in the park a random yorkie ran up to me, all fluff and excitement, and started clambering up my leg to say hello. Once again I melted and this time made a mental note to contact Battersea Dog’s Home in the new year. Watch this space…

#3 Miracle consciousness

Now I’ve warmed you up, I wonder if I can get away with slipping a more serious, philosophical one in. Let’s see…

For those of you not familiar with the term, miracle consciousness is the idea that everything that is happening all around is happening for our greatest and highest good. An easy enough concept to entertain when we perceive things to be ‘going well’, but much more challenging when life presents challenges, both on an individual and collective level. Here are some examples:

Problem: Pandemic

Miracle consciousness perspective: An event that is acting as a catalyst to wake people up to the fact we are all, every single one of us, connected. A resurgence in community spirit. An opportunity for people to reassess their priorities, like health and family; to stop living on auto-pilot and start aligning their life to more meaningful values.

Or how about this one…

Problem: Polarisation, divergent views, division

Miracle consciousness perspective: An opportunity to learn how to co-exist with people who have different beliefs, to listen to them with our hearts, instead of simply hear them with our egos. Tension which prompts us to develop more tolerance, empathy, and compassion.

In essence miracle consciousness is about finding the positives in every situation — ‘finding the miracle’ so to speak. It’s also about developing gratitude for lessons learned, even if those lessons are hard-won. Above all, it’s about having faith that the universe presents humanity with precisely what it needs to go through to grow and expand in consciousness.

Couldn’t resist

#4 Breathing with buddies

I’ll keep this one brief as I have plenty of other blogs explaining how to practice Transformational Breath® and what sort of benefits you can experience. All I’ll say is that breathing with a friend is a great way to feel supported. You might look like idiots, but you feel a damn sight better for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the mouthpiece! Modelled by the talented Brenna et moi!

#5 Roman Roy’s one-liners

I haven’t ever owned a TV. When I watch something I like it to be a conscious decision, as opposed to having a constant flow of shows on in the background. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, I’m sensitive. I find it overstimulating to have too much noise around me, for too long; it makes me feel ratty, like I need to get away. Secondly, I already have way too much screen time. I’m on social media, contributing content but also consuming it, not to mention using a computer as part of my work.

And yet…

Succession, Call My Agent, and now *drumroll* the new Sex And The City - aka And Just Like That. If you thought that living in a TV free zone meant that I’m a TV snob, you are mistaken. I treasure feel good shows, in fact in our house Netflix and chill is a full, cinematic experience. We have a projector that beams on to the wall, a sofa that’s way to big for just two people, and a basket of blankets to boot.

There’s just one thing missing…

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Writer & Creative | Transformational Breath® | If you like my Medium ‘column’ discover my vlogs and original music at https://linktr.ee/hellohayleyjade

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Hayley Jade

Hayley Jade

Writer & Creative | Transformational Breath® | If you like my Medium ‘column’ discover my vlogs and original music at https://linktr.ee/hellohayleyjade

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