Level V with Transformational Breath Italia


The joy of training in-person again

My last Transformational Breath® training course was in 2019. We all know what happened next. The Transformational Breath® Foundation responded by creating new online professional trainings and hosting regular breathing…

I’ve always feared being disliked, especially the idea of upsetting people. I have often kept my beliefs to myself, all the bits that buck the mainstream view, even if I’m pretty clued up on the topic at hand. I do this to avoid confrontation, the unbearable feeling of being misunderstood…

It was my fella who first noticed, Mr.Observant. He’d make a great therapist. It took me longer to realise something was afoot, but eventually I too could see it clear as day. My passionate pursuit for mental health and wellness had become yet another vehicle for the unwell part of…

Hayley is a certified online Transformational Breath® Facilitator delivering sessions via Zoom.

What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® is a therapeutic breathwork system, awarded Best Complementary Medicine Organisation by the Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine. Facilitators like me get to know your breath pattern, as individual as your fingerprint, before getting to work increasing the depth and flow of your…

Hayley Jade

Transformational Breath® & Coaching| Musician | Writer | https://linktr.ee/hellohayleyjade

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