Anxiety is energy. Move it or transmute it.

Hayley Jade is a Transformational Breath® Therapist and Group Leader.

Emotions are energy

  • Anxiety is energy.
  • Grief is energy.
  • Anger is energy.

How to MOVE energy

  • Journalling — Get it off your chest without censoring yourself.
  • Talking to a trusted friend or loved-one — if you cry, that’s fantastic progress. Flowing tears = flowing energy.
  • Talking to a professional — A certified therapist or coach. Ideally someone who comes recommended e.g. client testimonials.
  • Breathwork — You don’t need to talk to feel better. Certain kinds of breathwork, like Transformational Breath®, act directly on energetic blockages which get stored in our tissues e.g. fascia tissues. This powerful therapeutic modality allows trapped energy to ‘come to the surface’ so to speak, so it can be integrated and resolved. Each time you practice Transformational Breath® it’s like peeling back a little bit more of an onion. Layer by layer, tensions and past traumas are gone. Permanently.
Hayley Jade facilitating a client during a Transformational Breath® 1-to-1 session.
  • Moving your body — Yoga, a workout, a walk to the park, dancing in the kitchen, mowing the lawn. Even 15mins counts. Recently I’ve been working with PT and Coach Rachel Benton and her work-outs are really helping me to feel strong — in every sense of the word.

You can also TRANSMUTE energy

  • ‘It was so scary when I crashed the car.’
  • ‘I’m scared I’m going to I crash the car again.’
  • Writing: Journalling, blogging, writing poems, lyrics, a letter or a postcard to a friend. Take that nervous energy and transmute it with language.
  • Images: Photography, drawing, painting, collaging. Transmute the blues into something visual.
  • Crafting/Decorating: Baking, embroidery, macramé, jewellery-making, pottery. Revamping an area of your home, like a weekend pantry or patio makeover. Gardening is also a great way to relax the nervous system. Transmute anxiety into tangible objects and spaces.
  • Sound: Singing is a fantastic de-stressor. Much like breathwork, using your vocal chords to sustain long held notes helps clear blocked energies. We call it ‘toning’ in Transformational Breath® and when a client needs to take a break from the circular breathing technique we instruct them to do in a breathing session, it’s toning we ask them to switch to instead. Transmute stuck energy with music and song.

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