My Oestradiol is off the chart and I need a break. Plus FREE mental health checklist.

Who is Hayley Jade?

For those of you who are new round here I’m Hayley Jade, a Transformational Breath® Therapist and Group Leader with a huge passion for wellness. I’m also a blogger, documenting my own self-care journey, which lately has centred around my efforts to overcome anxiety and low mood using natural techniques.

My Oestradiol is off the chart

I’ve suspected for a while that my hormones are out of balance. My anxiety/depression symptoms are worse before my period, plus I get spots on my cheeks and nowhere else — a pattern associated with hormonal acne. I’ve also wondered if I have Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), similar to PMS but with more severe symptoms. Whilst I haven’t had an official diagnosis for that, my symptoms are a match. I decided to get a blood test from Medichecks to see what was going on. I was expecting my result to be a little out of whack, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

My Medichecks hormone test results

Now I understand what I’m up against

It might sound strange, but when I got the hormone test results part of me felt relief. For the first time I have something I can point to that explains why, in spite of all my efforts to look after my mental health, there are still times when I feel defeated. The sky high Oestradiol in particular helped me to have more compassion for myself and made me question whether staying off Prozac is the right course of action after all.

Making a new plan for my health and wellness

On the hormone front I’ll be:

  • Getting a second blood test to double check the results.
  • Asking my GP for another ultrasound of my ovaries.
  • Taking Prozac — in fact I’ve already started and I’m waiting for it to kick in.
  • Keeping up my existing wellness practices — everything I’ve been doing the last few months that have helped me to cope including daily walks, cold showers, going to the gym, getting a good night’s sleep etc.
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Hayley Jade is a Transformational Breath Therapist and Group Leader. |



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Hayley Jade


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