Weaning off Prozac is going well with the help of 3 simple habits.

Hayley Jade is a writer and Transformational Breath Facilitator / Group Leader

Welcome back

I have halved my dose to 10mg per day

1. Recover your inner strength with cold showers

  • 3min shower.
  • As cold as I can get it!
  • Positive affirmations: ‘Every day I get in this shower I get stronger’.
  • ‘I’m so up and down’ has become ‘I am strong’.
  • ‘I’m procrastinating over X’ has become ‘Rip off the plaster!’
  • ‘There’s no time to take care of myself’ has become ‘I make time to take care of myself’.

2. Track triggers and take steps to remove them

  • Jot down everything that makes you feel anxious or blue.
  • These might be things or thoughts.
  • Create simple strategies to reduce your exposure to triggers.
  • Circling potential PMS days in my calendar.
  • Taking a homeopathic remedy a week ahead of potential PMS days, to ward them.
  • Reminding myself ‘it’s the hormones talking’ when I feel off. While everything they say has truth in it, they’re definitely a bit Eeyore.
  • Caffeine, alcohol, hunger, lack of vitamins.
  • Poor sleep.
  • The news — turn it off, if it’s important you’ll hear it through the grape vine.
  • A jam packed schedule, a rushed start to the day.
  • A cluttered environment.
  • Socialising, contact with specific people — and for others it’s being alone that can trigger anxiety.
  • Neglecting emotional needs — getting in touch with nature, down time, play time (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy)

3. Believing recovery is possible

  • Trust that recovery is possible.
  • When you wobble, hold the intention to trust.
  • When others wobble, hold the intention to try to trust anyway.
You can see the future? Oh, ok then.
  • Reassure people you’re conducting an experiment. Perhaps your journey will end in you coming off your anti-depressant, or perhaps it won’t. Perhaps you’ll be med-free for a few years, then go back on them. The whole point of weaning off a drug is to find out if that make you feel more empowered. If you don’t feel more empowered, don’t wean off. There are no right and wrong outcomes, just roads to explore.
  • Share what strength you’ve gained. In Japanese culture there’s a tradition Kintsukaroi. Kintsukaroi is the process of making broken pottery stronger than it was before, by melding the shattered pieces back together with precious metals like gold and silver. It’s like this with mental health. It’s normal to experience a breakdown in one’s lifetime. If we take the time to reflect on how we got to that point and how we can avoid getting there again, we are safe-guarding ourselves for the road ahead. Sharing the wisdom you’ve gained from difficult times, helps others see more of your strength.
  • Practice letting anxious feelings pass on your own. If you’re blessed to have good listeners around you, it’s a hell of a relief to share the load. But be realistic, you can’t expect people to support you coming off meds and at the same time cry on their shoulder. Plan ahead which strategies you will use to support yourself on a rainy day. My first port of call is to lie down and breathe slowly and deeply for 5mins. My second call is to move my body, usually a walk in nature where I find it easier to get perspective. My third call is to shift the focus away from myself, asking ‘what can I do to help someone else today?’ Often it’s as simple as make my fella a cuppa, give my neighbours leftover veg for their rabbits, take something to the charity shop etc. It doesn’t have to be epic to make a difference to your mood.



Writer & Creative | Transformational Breath® | If you like my Medium ‘column’ discover my vlogs and original music at https://linktr.ee/hellohayleyjade

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Hayley Jade

Writer & Creative | Transformational Breath® | If you like my Medium ‘column’ discover my vlogs and original music at https://linktr.ee/hellohayleyjade